Hello everyone 🙂 

I have taken some of the references found on the internet to keep practicing and continuing with the book 🙂 I’m definitely now at least in the middle of it, so shouldn’t take too long until I go back to other topics. Anyway, this is quite useful to be good at light and shadow, so I’ll try to make the most of these practices 🙂 

As I have said previously, I encourage you to join me if you want and comment 🙂

The first drawing is based on the way of shading, in which one starts from middle range values, then add shadows. It is a bit more messy and less based on initial sketches. 

The second drawing is based on a method of shading where you first draw outlines, then fill them in with different values, to finally merge them together and add corrections. Personally I didn’t enjoy it that much, since it felt a bit “random” in having to quickly change from one area of an image to another adding completely different values, which are seen more like shapes than actual light. It is a nice exercise for the shape clarity, but I don’t think I would be using it in normal drawings.

The third drawing is based on cross-hatching. It is not connected in theme to the two previous exercises, as I didn’t have to follow any steps one by one. I just tried it with one of my mechanical pencils 🙂 

The tree is taken from here. I couldn’t upload it, as there are some problems with formats, but see the link attached 🙂 

The suitcase is taken from here.

The cherries are taken from here.

The techniques are taken from the book Drawing Light and Shade by Giovanni Civardi. 

The drawings have taken me approximately 15-20 min each. 

I think I have said enough about the exercises themselves. So now to lessons learnt/mistakes 🙂

Things I have learnt / mistakes from drawing 1:

  • Still, I have too messy shapes. I should focus more on bigger, overall shapes and not details (especially with such short exercises). Also, the overall shape is a bit off.
  • You can’t see it here, but there was a bit of inconsistency with the steps – I was adding a lot of lighter tones after adding the darker. But still, it was a nice try.
  • For me it was quite a nice “painty” method. Could use parts of it maybe in some digital painting 🙂 

Things I have learnt / mistakes from drawing 2:

  • My transitions are a bit too sharp, the values seem as if they were not blending too much, even though on this particular image they should be in some places. Make the transition smooth while keeping the sharp, distinct shapes.
  • Possibly there is too little contrast. The darker bits should be even darker. I could do with practicing how not to fear that 🙂 

Things I have learnt / mistakes from drawing 3:

  • It is good to leave some transparency/light on even the intense shadows whe cross-hatching.
  • I have realised that before my drawing was around 1/4 of the page. I could do with drawing bigger images, would help with adding detail and keeping it clean.
  • Learnt how to keep track of contrast level by squinting when looking at the reference image and comparing it to my drawing.
  • The shapes on the bowl are a bit messy and not cylindrical
  • The darker areas, especially the one on top the bowl should be more transparent, not just filled in.
  • The contrast is not sharp enough ( but here I didn’t have a darker mechanical pencil ).
  • Maybe could have tried separating the objects more by adding darker strokes between them.
Remember – these are my own notes, and not any teacher’s. It is just from my observation – I try to look into the reference image what looks off and point it out 🙂 So If you think I’m wrong let me know.
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